Yin Yoga

Thursdays – starting again on Thursday 1st September – 9.45 to 11.00am

Numbers are limited to 12 so please book with Tracey (07875 278635) if you want to join the class.

Yin yoga is the perfect complement to the more active “Yang” styles of yoga and to help people who do a lot of cardio or weightbearing exercises. 

Why do it?  If active exercise is a limitation due to joint stiffness, injury, pain or other reasons, Yin may be beneficial. Yin targets the connective tissues of the body which is basically everything that isn’t a muscle.  In Yin we get the muscles of the target area to relax so that the connective tissues can experience mild, moderate stress in order to instruct the cells to regenerate and build collagen.  In turn this will, over time improve flexibility, reduce joint pain particularly in the knees, hips and lower back.

In Yin yoga we spend anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes in a pose with very little movement, so less is more.  Yin teaches students to really understand the subtle messages of the body to help them to avoid injury and rejuvenate areas that may have suffered trauma and are now tight or painful.

Carole went along to the first week, and more or less every other week, and says “I’d never experienced Yin Yoga before, but found Tracey inspirational, empathetic to different people’s needs and I have benefitted from the class since, by having less knee pain and being more supple. I recommend it.”